How to preview your photo website

The site looks different in the Admin Panel and on the web, since the Admin Panel tools occupy some space on your screen. To see what your photo website looks to your visitors, go to the page that you want to preview and click the “Fullscreen” button on the top grey panel.

How to add public / private / password protected photo albums, pages, or sets

Easily deliver your images to your clients, and share your photos privately via password protected photo albums, private pages and sets.

To make a page, an album or a set public/password protected, go to Website->Pages. Then select a page/album/set -> Under Properties on the right, click “Visibility” drop-down box and set “Public” or “Password”.

How to Bulk Select photos in an album / set

You can select as many images at a time as you need. You can Bulk Select photos just the same way as on your computer. Go to Media Library and open the necessary photo album or set. Hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard and click images one by one to select a group of images.

You can also select all the items in the current window by pressing CTRL + A on your keyboard.

How to move photos / albums / sets to trash and restore deleted images

This operation will help you organize your files and get rid of the unwanted photos, albums and sets.

- How to move images to trash and restore them.

If you need to move images to trash, follow the next steps: Admin Panel -> Media Library -> Click the needed photo. Then click “Edit” on the top grey panel -> “Move to trash”.

How to use focal point cropping

Focal point lets you focus on the specific area of your image in order to use a cropped version of the image. Focal point cropping is a smart mechanism that will refocus the cropped are of the image to your point of interest. You can manually maintain the important aspects of the photo anytime.

To manage focal point location, please go this way: Admin Panel -> Media Library -> All content -> Double click on the picture.

1. Find focal point icon in the bottom left – click it (or drag and drop onto the image). You will see a circle with a dot in its center in the middle of the image.
2. Move focal point icon around until you find the desired location.

3. Click on the “Save focal point location” blue button at the bottom left.

How to edit gallery layout

Defrozo gives you a couple of options to change the view of your gallery pages and the media library. For example, you can make a slideshow page with images from one or multiple albums. To edit gallery layout, do the following:

- Go to Website -> Pages -> Click the gallery page.

- On the right, click the drop-down box below Gallery view -> Select “Slideshow”

How to make an album/photo a featured one

You can always keep your favorite photos and albums at hand in the Featured section of your media library. To mark a photo as featured, click it -> Click “Edit” on the top editing panel -> Add to featured.

To make an album featured, go to the set with this album -> Click the album -> Hit “Edit” on the grey panel on top -> Add to featured.

How to move 1 or more files from one feed to another (in the media library)

Moving images from one album to another in big groups is more than easy. Go to your Media library and select the images you want to move. You can do this by pressing Ctrl or Shift button on the keyboard and clicking images one by one. In the Properties dashboard on the right, scroll down to Albums, click the editing button. Check the album that you want to move the images to and make sure to un-check the current album. That’s it! The images will appear in the new album after the page is refreshed.

How to add tags and categories for images

You can add as many tags and create as many categories for your images as you need. This will allow you to view a particular group of images even if they are in different albums. There are 2 options to add tags and categories:

1. Go to Media library -> Click any image -> Right-hand column (Properties). Click the editing button next to Categories or Tags, then click “New”, enter the name of the new category/add a tag and click “Add”.
2. When you upload images to the media library, a pop-up window appears. You can write the tags for images in the “Set tags” field, separating them by commas. To create a new category, simply enter the name of the category into the field “Category name” and click “Add”.

How to set cover for an album

To let the visitors of your site know what content is in each photo album, you can set an album cover. There are a few ways to do this, try and choose the one that is the most convenient for you.

1. Go to Media library -> Click one of the albums below the “Library” button on the left. Click and hold the image which you want to set as cover. Drag it to the right and drop where it says “Drag files here”. The cover image will be now marked with a check mark in the bottom left corner of the image thumbnail.

How do I add new set/album to the media library?

You can effectively group images in your media library, adding them into sets and albums. Sets work as folders for albums, albums are placeholders for images. To add a set:

- Go to Media library, click the “+” icon next to Library on the left

- In the pop-up window, you will see that Set is selected by default

- Enter the name of the set and its description (if needed)

How to upload your images?

There is a couple of ways to upload images.

1. Go to Media library and click the blue “Upload” button on the left. You can then drag the files right to the admin interface from your computer or use the upload button. When files are uploaded, a pop-up window appears, in which you can select to what album(s) to add the uploaded images, set tags and categories for them etc.
2. Go to a particular album in your media library and click “Upload files to album” on the right. Then drag the files to the “Drag files here” field or click “upload photos manually”.

How to move pages to trash and restore them

You can delete unnecessary pages of your site with 2 clicks. Here is how you can do this:

- Click the needed page, hold it and drag it over the Trash folder in the bottom left corner of the admin interface

- Highlight the page you want to delete by clicking on it and hit the “Delete” button on the light grey panel on top of the page

To restore a page, go to Trash -> click the checkbox of the needed page -> press “Restore” on the right

How do I remove a gallery from a folder?

You can easily remove unnecessary albums and galleries from a folder.

To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your Admin Panel -> go to Website -> Pages

2. Drag-and-drop the album/gallery to the area called NOT ON THE MENU.

3. The changes will be applied right away, no need to even press the Save button

Drag and drop operations on the menu

Drag-and-drop is a convenient feature that has recently started to be widely used in all kind of online interfaces. It allows you to simply grab the element (press and hold down the mouse button), drag it (move the element while the mouse button is still pressed) to the place where you want to see it, and drop (release the mouse button).

Here are a few examples of how you can use this operation in your Admin Panel at Defrozo.

Pages on the menu and not linked, how to manage them

If you have a page in your Admin Panel, but you don’t want it to be visible on the live website yet, you have two options:

1. In Website -> Pages, drag-and-drop this page to the area called NOT ON THE MENU (located on the left).
2. Save the page as draft by clicking the “Save as draft” button in the bottom of the page or choose “draft” from the drop-down menu in Properties.

How to select the Home page

You can make any page of your website the Home (index or start) page with just one click. Simply go Website -> Pages -> click the needed page. Below Properties on the right, tick “Home page” under the field with the name of the page. And that’s it.

When you uncheck the box “Home page” for the current index page, a widget pops us prompting you to select the index page (since the website must have a start page to work properly). Make sure to save all the changes by clicking the “Save” button at the bottom left corner of the interface.

How to add images to an existing gallery page

If you already have a gallery page, you can add new photos to it with a couple of clicks:

1. Log in to your Admin Panel and go to Media library.
2. Go to the album that you want to update. Let’s say that you have the “Fashion” gallery page that uses the feed of the “Fashion” album from your gallery. In this case, you need to open the “Fashion” album.
3. Press the “Upload files to the album” on the right.

How to create a portfolio

A well-organized portfolio is a great way to let the visitors of your website to evaluate your work and the level of your professionalism. Your portfolio may have one of the following configurations:

1. You can create a folder that will contain galleries with images. To learn how to create gallery pages, follow this link.
2. Create separate gallery pages  with photos and link them in the menu of your website.
3. Create a gallery page and display multiple albums in the form of clickable thumbnails. This option requires the following

How to create a link in the menu

If you need to create a link, please, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your Admin Panel, go to Website -> Pages.

2. Click the New page button -> click “Link” -> Enter the link name and hit “Create”.

3. Choose the link source from the “Source” drop-down menu. You have three options here:

How to create folder

Folder is the page type that can include gallery pages. I.e., like a regular folder on your computer. To create a folder, please go to “Website” -> “Pages” -> “New page” -> choose “Folder” in the dialog window -> enter the name of the folder -> click Create” button -> hit “Save”.

How to create gallery page

To create a new gallery page in the admin panel, go to “Website” -> “Pages” -> click “New page” -> in the new dialog window click “Gallery” -> click “Create” and enter the page name. Tick the “Home page” option if you want to make this gallery page the start (index) page of your site. In the “State” drop-down menu select ‘Draft” if you do not want the page to be seen on the website yet, or select “Published” to make the page visible. If you need to password protect the new page, select “password” in the “Visibility” drop-down list.

How to remove sample content

Each template has default sets of pages and images which show what your website may look like when it’s built. You can easily remove this content and replace it with your own photos and texts. To delete the site page, in the admin area go to ‘Website” -> “Pages” -> drag and drop the page to “Trash” or simply click ‘Delete” button on the top grey panel.

How to change font/color/size of text on all pages at once

To change the font style of the text on the whole website, please do the following: in the admin panel go to “Website” -> “Customization” -> in the right column on the page click on “pencil” icon next ‘Text” title -> choose the size, color, font, type or style you would like to apply to the text content -> hit “Apply” -> click on “Save changes” button.

How to change light or dark version of the theme

The admin panel of Defrozo allows you to change the theme of the template from dark to light and vice versa. To alter the theme color version, please log in to the admin panel first. Then go to “Website” -> “Customization” -> in the right hand column in ‘Presets” section find “Color theme” drop-down list -> choose the theme you would like to apply -> hit ‘Apply” button -> click “Save changes”.

How to edit the menu

To edit the name of a menu button in the admin panel:
1. Go to “Website” -> “Pages”.
2. Click on the menu button in the list which you would like to rename.
3. In the Properties column on the right, scroll down and find “Menu label” and “Menu title” fields. In these fields you can set the title of the menu button for the Admin panel (for your convenience) and on the live website accordingly (for convenience of your visitors and better SEO).

How to edit website name

You can change your website title following these steps:
1. Log in to the admin panel of your website.
2. Click on profile icon in the upper right corner of the page.
3. Enter a new website name in the corresponding field and save the changes.

How to change theme

If you do not like the template you initially chose for your portfolio website, you can change the theme during the editing process without losing your content (photos and texts). To change the theme of your website in the admin panel go to “Website” -> click on the design you would like to use for the site -> hit “Use theme” button to use the new theme.

How to add social network links on your website

Our admin panel allows you to add links to your pages on various social networking websites, thus helping you to promote your website on the Net. To add a social media icons linked to your web pages you should do the following:
1. Log in to the admin panel of your website on
2. Click on profile icon or your name in the upper right corner of the page.
3. Hit “Social” button in the left column.

How to change personal information

You can easily change your website name and admin panel password, as well as edit your profile and update the contact information directly in the admin interface. To do this, you should:
1. Log in to your account at
2. Click on profile icon or your name in the upper right corner of the page.
3. Add your photo either from your computer or any other source using “From URL” button.