You can use advantages of our multi-sorting feature to organize the content of your media library the way to need it. Using Defrozo you can:

- See latest uploads and featured content

- Show all photos for a particular month/year

- Sort photos

- Search images by parameters

To see the images uploaded during the last few days, go to Media library -> Latest uploads. Featured photos and albums can be viewed by clicking the respective buttons on the left in the Media library (Featured photos/Featured albums).

You can see what photos were uploaded during a certain month or year if you click the year/month under “Date captured” on the left in the Media library.

If you need to show images with a certain date or title first, you can sort them. In your Media library, click “Sort” on the top grey panel and then select one of the options – sort by date captured, by date published, date modified or by title.

Also, you can search a photo or group of photos by their criteria. Go to Media library -> Click the tag button on the left of the Search field -> Select search by tag, category or title -> Enter the text into the search field -> Hit Enter.