Easily deliver your images to your clients, and share your photos privately via password protected photo albums, private pages and sets.

To make a page, an album or a set public/password protected, go to Website->Pages. Then select a page/album/set -> Under Properties on the right, click “Visibility” drop-down box and set “Public” or “Password”.

If you are going to use a password, put it into the appropriate field and confirm, then click “Save” at the bottom left. In this case, when visitors access this page/album/set, they will be required to enter the password before viewing a page/album/set.

To make an album or a set public/private go to Media Library -> Select an album or a set.

1) Go to Properties column on the right -> scroll down to “Access”.

2) In order to edit “Visibility”, click the editing icon -> Select one of the available options (Public/Private/Unlisted) -> Click “Apply”.

A private page is only visible to those who are logged into the site.