This operation will help you organize your files and get rid of the unwanted photos, albums and sets.

- How to move images to trash and restore them.

If you need to move images to trash, follow the next steps: Admin Panel -> Media Library -> Click the needed photo. Then click “Edit” on the top grey panel -> “Move to trash”.

To restore deleted images, go to Media library -> “Trash”. Check the images that you want to restore and hit “Restore” button on the right. The file will appear in its initial folder.

- How to move albums to trash and restore them.

Albums can be deleted the following way: Admin Panel -> Media Library –> Click the set with the album that you want to delete. Then highlight the album by left-clicking on it -> press “Edit” on top -> “Move to trash”. You can also go directly to the album that should be deleted, and remove it from there.

Make sure that you don’t select any particular image in the album, then hit “Edit” -> “Move to trash”.

Albums can be restored from Trash the same way as the images.

- How to move sets to trash and restore them.

To delete a set, in the Media Library click “Library” on the left to show all set and albums. Click the needed set -> “Edit” -> “Move to trash”.

Please note that the set itself will be deleted, but its content (folders and photos) will stay intact.

To restore the deleted set, go to Trash -> Click the set -> Hit Restore on the right.

You can also move images, albums and sets to Trash by simply dragging them into the Trash folder.