To edit the name of a menu button in the admin panel:
1. Go to “Website” -> “Pages”.
2. Click on the menu button in the list which you would like to rename.
3. In the Properties column on the right, scroll down and find “Menu label” and “Menu title” fields. In these fields you can set the title of the menu button for the Admin panel (for your convenience) and on the live website accordingly (for convenience of your visitors and better SEO).
4. Hit “Save” button after the menu button is renamed.
You may also change style of the menu button title. To do this, follow these steps:
1. Go to “Website” -> “Customization”.
2. Click the editing icon next to “Menu” title. It’s located in the Properties column on the right.
3. Change the font size, type, color of the title and click the “Apply” button.
4. Click “Save changes” to apply changes to your site.