Defrozo gives you a couple of options to change the view of your gallery pages and the media library. For example, you can make a slideshow page with images from one or multiple albums. To edit gallery layout, do the following:

- Go to Website -> Pages -> Click the gallery page.

- On the right, click the drop-down box below Gallery view -> Select “Slideshow”

- Save the changes (click Save in the bottom left corner of the interface)

If you select “Tiles”, the gallery will display clickable image thumbnails. This mode will display as many thumbnails per row as the screen that the gallery is viewed on allows.

The “Albums” preset can be used when you have several albums in one feed. The “Albums” option shows album thumbnails on your gallery page, so you may also want to learn how to set cover for an album.

Media library can also be modified to display the photos as a grid, slideshow and list. Each of these options is a 1-click operation. You can find the buttons that switch view mode at the bottom right corner of your Media library. The first button switches to “Tiles”, the second is for the list of photos, and the last one switches photos to slideshow.