To create a new gallery page in the admin panel, go to “Website” -> “Pages” -> click “New page” -> in the new dialog window click “Gallery” -> click “Create” and enter the page name. Tick the “Home page” option if you want to make this gallery page the start (index) page of your site. In the “State” drop-down menu select ‘Draft” if you do not want the page to be seen on the website yet, or select “Published” to make the page visible. If you need to password protect the new page, select “password” in the “Visibility” drop-down list.

To add a feed with images to the page, go to “Website” -> “Pages” and click “Add new feed” on the right. In the dialog window select images from a certain album by ticking a corresponding title in “Albums” section. You can also add whole sets of images, photos with certain tags or from particular categories by clicking corresponding buttons in feed selection pop-up. When the needed albums, sets, tags and categories are selected, hit “Add a feed” button. You can choose the way the images will be displayed on the page in the “Gallery view” drop-down. After this enter keywords and description for the page if needed. In “Menu label” field enter the name of the menu button for this page in the admin panel, and in “Menu title” enter the title of the menu button which will be shown on the live site. When done, click “Save” and ‘Publish”.