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Improved UX of Defrozo Portfolio Themes & Admin Interface


If you thought that our plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign would interrupt our regular updates, worry not! There’s nothing more important to us than improving your experience with Defrozo firmly and constantly. So I’m glad to introduce you our 6th update that was merely focused on improving the UX, both for you and your site visitors.

Defrozo Update

Defrozo is heading to Kickstarter!


If you have ever entered a running race, you probably remember the magical effect of seeing the finish line – as if it came out of nowhere, a surge of energy pushes you to cross it. Putting your idea into life is no different. The finish line may still be far away but once you just realize WHERE you want to get to, you feel like using every opportunity to reach your goal as fast as possible.

Today we’re happy to announce that we’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign in order to crowdfund Defrozo and deliver it to you, complete and shining, in the near future.

Defrozo Will Be Launching a Kickstarter Campaign

Defrozo Portrait Photography Contest 2014


UPDATE: Considering the feedback we received regarding our photo contest, we decided that there would be two contest winners. The second winner will be selected by the Defrozo team based on technical, aesthetic, and content characteristics as judging criteria (as opposed to the number of likes the photo gets). This way we give equal chances of winning to photographers with different numbers of Facebook friends. The winner selected by our staff will receive the same prize as the winner with most likes.


Here at Defrozo we love to discover the world through the lenses of different people, different artists. We also see an increasing number of beginner photographers joining our platform and we’re really happy to grow together with the aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs!

We want to meet YOU in our journey to the top, so we’re excited to announce a photographic portrait contest taking place on Facebook.

Defrozo Portrait Photography Contest 2014

10 Awesome Photo Blogs You Probably Didn’t Know But Are Gonna Love


Just like in any other sphere of our life, some stars in the photographic sky shine brighter than others. But just as the night sky wouldn’t be so beautiful with just a few stars in it (even though they’d all be huge), the world of photography would not be as inspiring and diverse if represented by just a few photographers. Continuing my astronomic rant, I think while there are artists that are well known even beyond the world of photography, every photographer, no matter of their experience, is a prominent star in someone’s personal inspirational constellation.

I’m regularly surfing the Web to discover such stars to complete my own constellations. In this post, I’ve collected my latest discoveries. These are 10 awesome photo blogs that are not only great sources for visual inspiration, but also provide some valuable tips and interesting viewpoint to everyone passionate about photography.

Enjoy it!



PhotoTraces is the blog of the Montreal-based travel and landscape photographer Viktor Elizarov. It’s actually well known in the community of travel photographers, and Viktor’s extremely helpful HDR photo tutorials and detailed photography case studies contribute to the blog’s growing popularity. If you’re just discovering travel photography or curious to know Viktor’s recommended locations and some hacks he’s using in his work, be sure to visit and follow PhotoTraces. We’re happy to have Viktor Elizarov on Defrozo’s board too, his fascinating landscape photos сan be found at:

Viktor Elizarov on Defrozo

Demetrio Fortman, founder of Defrozo: sharing the process of creating my photography portfolio 2014


Hey guys!

First of all, thank you all for your enormous support, kind feedback, detailed emails with bug reports and suggestions, and for your words of encouragement and motivation. It inspires so much! I’ve always said we have the best community to build a product for. So, once again, thank you. You really rock!

After we launched Help Center one of our most active users said: “OK guys, now we have Help Center. Cool. But we still don’t have a full understanding of how to get started with all of it. We need a kind of scenario or something.”

In this post, I’m sharing my own experience of getting started with Defrozo. From registering an account, to customizing a photo website design, I covered the entire process of creating and editing my photography portfolio 2014 in this step-by-step guide. This is the way I did it, and naturally, your workflow may be different, but I hope this tutorial will come in handy.

Update: Image Downloads, Improved Photo Website Templates & More


Time flies… and so does Defrozo! We’re excited to let you know about another platform update with lots of cool features and improvements in it. Let’s explore the update contents in detail.

Focal Point

Defrozo Single Photo View

This neat feature was laid into the platform core from the start but we failed to place it at the prominent, easy-to-find spot. Finally, this problem was addressed in our latest update and you can now enjoy the convenience it brings to your workflow.

Do It Like Trey Ratcliff: 10 SEO & Marketing Lessons I Learned from Analyzing Stuck In Customs


Too often we’re tempted to plan things based on what we think instead of what we know. To understand where you are with your marketing efforts and whether the money you spend on SEO pays off, it’s really useful to be able to analyze your search visibility and inbound strategy.

To help you with this task which is quite challenging (unless you’re a retired SEO expert that decided to start a photography business), I analyzed the website and social media profiles of the top-tier photographer, the man behind Stuck In Customs, Trey Ratcliff. The study covers some of the most important on-page and off-page factors determining Trey’s rankings in search engines and social media.

Why Trey Ratcliff? First, I’d like to note that Trey didn’t ask me to do this analysis, nor am I affiliated with any of his products or services.  I just thought it might be quite useful to analyze the online activity of the world’s top-tier photographer and learn from his success.

I intentionally left out some sections of SEO analysis as it requires getting your hands real dirty digging in technical SEO stuff. In case that’s what you’re looking for, here’s a great resource from Moz on how to conduct an SEO audit.

For the purpose of the audit, I used a number of third-party tools. You can find the entire list at the end of the post and use it for your own analytics.

Defrozo Update: Help Center, Bulk Actions & More


It’s update time! We’re working steam ahead to improve Defrozo’s existing modules and add new functionality. The latest sprint has brought the following results:

Help Center


Finally you can take advantage of our self-service Help Center. Our extensive knowledge base is intended to simplify your learning curve with Defrozo as much as possible. The list of short, easy-to-read articles covers every step of creating your website, customizing it, working with Media Library, and setting up photo galleries.

Defrozo Help Center


In addition to the help documentation, we’re launching a community forum where everyone can leave their questions, share experience, and ideas.

As always, you can email us whenever you need personal assistance, want to give us props or critics, or simply want to say hi.

Bulk Actions in Media Library


Ability to select, move, and delete multiple images was fixed in this update.

Defrozo Bulk Actions

Improved website performance


Due to the integrated mechanism of symlinks, you can spot faster and smoother loading of both the admin panel and your Defrozo website.

Multiple fixes added


As you may know, our principle is “release early, update often”. We want things to happen here and now, and naturally this causes minor bugs appearing here and there. With every update we’re catching those bugs and turning them into diligent bees working for the good of your business.

Are we moving in the right direction? What would you like to see in the next update? Let us know in the comments or email us at

20 Influential Wedding Photographers to Learn From


Wedding industry has always enticed beginner photographers with seemingly easy money. Fueled by cheapening gear market and social media, lots and lots of amateurs have jumped into the wedding business… to realize they stepped into quicksands of their own ignorance.

Don’t be among those guys. Learn from professionals who’ve become successful in the wedding photography’s great mission – saving people’s most precious memories.