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Defrozo Update: WordPress Media Library Sync, Client Galleries Optimization and More


The 11th Defrozo update was a big and hard one – you’ve probably noticed that “under maintenance” screen was there longer than it should have (unexpected issue, completely solved now). The irony is that the results of this update are probably the least visible compared to the previous releases. However, it’s a deceptive assumption since the latest update was dedicated to the system’s architecture and optimization, to ensure smooth work and painless update implementation in the future. So here’s what’s been changed and improved:

Media library synced with WordPress


We updated the backend of the Defrozo Media Library for faster performance and seamless syncing with the WordPress default media library. From now the images you upload to your Defrozo library can be inserted in your blog posts or any other content pages without the need to re-upload them via the content editor.

Defrozo Photo Portfolio Themes Get Major Update


Well, hello hello 2015! We’re excited to meet you and hope you will bring us a lot of moments we want to keep in our photo albums. Like most people in the world, we here at Defrozo, look forward to all the positive things to happen in the new year. We MOVE forward to those positive changes too. Thus, our 10th platform update is another step in that direction.

The latest update is focused solely on Defrozo photo portfolio themes. Read on to find out what’s been improved.

Defrozo Photo Portfolio Themes

5 Marketing Tips to Help Your Photography Business Grow in 2015

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End of year is the perfect time to analyze your business activity and think about strategy for the next year.

In this list you will find 5 marketing tips for photographers to help them give a good start to their 2015 business development. Scroll down and grab some nifty tips and tools to merry up your marketing.

5 Promotion Tools for Photographers

Last update in 2014: Better Mobile Optimization, Improved Content Editor and ...Pandas!


It’s the end of the year, a symbolic time when the everyday fuss steps aside and you get a chance to recap those 365 days and think about the next 365.

This is just the moment for me right now as I’m writing this post. And you know what? This was a damn great year! But it will pale next to the following 2015. Why am i so sure? Well, see yourself: in 2014 we launched Defrozo and became a part of a creative, progressive, and friendly  community called photographers. We got tons of feedback, comments, and ideas. Next year we’ll see those seeds grow into a comprehensive, useful, and free software to empower any level of a photography business.

I can’t tell you how much thankful we all are at Defrozo for your support in our early days. I hope you all will stick around in 2015 and we will grow together. Now, grab a huge hug from all of us pandas here at Defrozo:

Defrozo Season Greetings

Now let’s move on to the second part of my blog post, which is far less sentimental since it’s about the 9th Defrozo update. This time, we worked on your content editing experience with Defrozo, as well as polished up the design responsiveness. Read on for details.

Update: Image Metadata Importing, Google Analytics, Contact Form & More


Two weeks passed quickly and a nicely-wrapped virtual box with another Defrozo update inside is already at your door. This time we packed it with some most-requested features, so read on for the details!

Image metadata importing


Finally, a function to save a good deal of your time at the uploading stage is here. From now on, essential XMP attributes mapped to your images via Lightroom, Aperture, Photoshop or other photo editing software will be automatically imported into your Defrozo media library. This include image title, description, keywords / tags, and date captured. Note that the XMP data import won’t apply to the previously uploaded photos, you’ll need to re-upload your files to enable it.

Image Metadata Importing - Defrozo

Optimized Performance, Cross-Browser Compatibility, Image Security & More


As most of our US-based folks are inspecting their fridges looking for some Thanksgiving leftovers, we’re taking the 7th Defrozo update out of the oven. C’mon have a bite!

Image Security

This update excluded the ability to save an image from the right-click menu. Image security is one of the most requested capabilities we receive from photographers, so this is just the first step to making unpermitted image downloading as difficult as possible.
image security Defrozo

15 Wearable Devices and Accessory Gadgets Every Photographer Will Love

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“How cool it would be if I could take that shot with just a blink of an eye” – this is the idea every photographer has probably thought about at least once. Well, living in era when technology is making progress by leaps and bounds, there are good chances we’ll all see this dream come true sooner than we think. On the way to medium-less photography, gear gets smaller and smarter becoming a more integral part of your everyday outfit. Wearable devices are on trend promising enormous potential to photographers and visual storytellers.

In this post you can find a collection of 15 wearable, portable, high-tech devices and gadgets (both shipping products and concepts) to empower your photography experience. From futuristic smart watches to sexy clip-on cameras, this roundup includes a lot of neat things to put on your wishlist this holiday season. Enjoy it!

Wearable Devices for Photographers