Made by photographers for photographers

Made by photographers for photographers

Brought together by the founder and CEO of Moto CMS, Demetrio Fortman, the team
at Defrozo is made up of expert web developers, all sharing passion for photography.
From Instagram junkies to DSLR ninjas, there’s every kind of photographers behind the
Defrozo project.

Once we realized what an overwhelming experience the modern Web is for
photographers. You need to have a bunch of different accounts and logins to maintain
your online presence all soaking time that any photographer would rather spend on
the creative process.

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We thought, what if there was just one platform a photographer would use to manage
their workflow and business? So that you would only need one login to access your
online workspace, no matter what level your skills are at. This is the concept of Defrozo
and we’re working days and nights to create the ultimate solution for the modern
photographers. We hope you join us in our pursuit by providing your feedback and
suggestions about Defrozo. Let’s make it truly awesome together!

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