Sell Photos Online with Defrozo Store

Today we’re happy to introduce a completely new feature which many of you have been anticipating. It’s the Defrozo Store! Read on to check out the details on this new platform section and find out what else changed in the 16th update.

Defrozo Store

This is the first, basic version of the Store feature, which will be extended and improved with every platform update.

Right now, the Store can only be used to sell a custom client gallery as a digital download product. Currently offered payment method is PayPal with more options to be added in the near future.

So how does it really work? 

As mentioned above, in its initial version the Defrozo Store is tied to client galleries section enabling you to sell photo collections as packages. The functionality is very limited as of today, but we really wanted to give you the opportunity to get started with photography sales as soon as possible, adding more and more controls eventually. “Release early, update often” has been our motto from the very beginning, remember?

So to enable the checkout option in your custom photo gallery, click on the new menu section titled Store as shown below.

Defrozo Store

This is your Store Admin Panel. Here you can add and modify products, sort them by different factors, edit your billing information and payment setting, as well as manage your orders.

Defrozo Store Admin Panel

To add a product, click the “Create a product” link right under the Defrozo main menu. Here you can select the gallery you’d like to sell or create a new one if you have no client galleries on the list.

Once the product is created, a shopping cart icon is added to selected photo gallery heading your customer to the checkout page. Note that currently, the shopping cart button is only visible when a gallery is viewed in the grid mode, but this will be fixed in the near future.

Defrozo Shopping Cart

Design of the checkout page is based on the design of your selected website theme and customization you’ve applied to it. Therefore, the color scheme and typography used on your main website will be used on the gallery checkout page.

Defrozo Store Checkout Page

As soon as an order from your client gallery website is completed and verified, an email with the download link to original images is sent to the customer.

There’s another way to enable a client gallery for purchases. Go to the Galleries section, open the necessary one in the editing mode, and click the Add to store checkbox as shown on the screenshot below. Set the desired price, and you’re done – the gallery is available for purchases.

Add to Store - Client Galleries Defrozo

Just don’t forget to fill in your PayPal email address, location, and currency settings on the Store Settings page.

Defrozo Store Settings

Note: the VAT calculation mechanism for European sales will be implemented in the Defrozo Store with the next update.

Better uploading process

This update has also touched the Media Library, particularly, the image uploading process. The newly added Lazy Load mechanism enables a significantly faster and smoother uploading of your photos to the library.

Defrozo Media Library - Lazy Load

Client Galleries

From now on, you can add photos to an existing client gallery from both your Media Library and computer. Up until now this was only possible during the gallery creation process. This issue was finally fixed and you can now create your custom photo galleries even faster.

Adding images to existing Defrozo galleries

Feedback, please!

Now that the Store section has been launched, we’re really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it. We’re already using your comments regarding e-commerce functionality that we received during the Kickstarter campaign, and generally in your emails to date. However, the more quality feedback we get, the faster we’re moving forward. Which options would you like us to add first and foremost? Let us know in the comments to this post, or email us at anytime.

Thank you for your constant support and motivation!