Defrozo Update #15

It’s the 1st of September and we’re happy to start the new season with a platform update! Read on to find out what’s new in Defrozo.

This update was dedicated to improving some critical user experience areas in existing platform modules. No worries though, as some big fat new feature is going to land in your Defrozo admin panel with the next release!

However, let’s get back to the improvements and fixes delivered in the latest, 15th update.

Correct page renaming

The broken link bug was fixed and from now on, the URLs update smoothly every time you rename a page on your website.

Page renaming - Defrozo Update #15

Enhanced drag-n-drop

Dragging and dropping content in Defrozo became more intuitive. Due to small tooltips and hints, it’s now easier to move a page or add an album to the set in the left sidebar.

Enhanced Drag-n-Drop - Defrozo Update #15

Tags & Categories section added to Media Library

Go to Media Library => Tags & Categories to manage your content tags and categories from one place. Just a reminder, you can use tags and categories as the source for an image feed while creating a gallery page. Besides, when you site visitors click on a certain tag while browsing your portfolio, they will be able to see all photos with that tag on one page. You can do the same in your Admin Panel by going to Media Library and selecting Tags search in the file search menu.

Image Tags and Categories - Defrozo Update #15

Watermark editor improved

Now you don’t have to click extra buttons to preview a watermark – it will be displayed in the sample image automatically. Once you finished editing, simply click on the Save changes button and the watermark will be applied to all of your photos.

Watermarks - Defrozo Update #15

Improved text formatting in WYSIWYG

Up until now, the WYSIWYG editor only offered a possibility to format whole text paragraphs. After this update, you will be able to format any piece of text on your blog and content pages. So if you want a phrase, a word, or even a letter to look differently from the rest of the text, you’re good to go.

WYSIWYG Editor - Defrozo Update #15

Easier image uploading

Now, when you upload images to Defrozo by dragging them to the Admin Panel, you can drop files anywhere on the page. Besides, it’s now possible to upload photos directly to an album by simply dragging them from your desktop and dropping right into the album window.

Image Uploading - Defrozo Update #15

Single image website header

Sometimes an single image is enough to tell a story and fascinate the viewer. If you want such a picture to be your website’s cover, you can do that in Defrozo. Now when you add one image to the slider, the navigation arrows will disappear automatically.

Single Image Slider - Defrozo Update #15

Client galleries improved

We fixed the bug in the gallery’s title display – now, when you update the title of your client gallery in the Admin Panel, it will be reflected on the front end.

Client Gallery Renaming - Defrozo Update #15

That’s it, folks. We appreciate all the bug reports, feedback, and comments you guys and gals send to us.

Special thanks to Simon Francis Davies and Tai Gray for their extensive involvement and support.