Defrozo Update: Watermarks, Custom Image Logo, Auto Sharing to Facebook, More

It may seem like things have gone quiet here at Defrozo, but this is too far from the truth. Yes, we’ve been keeping calm and worked on a new update. There are a few completely new features and several major fixes to existing functionality in the platform’s latest version. Read on to learn what we’ve done.

Custom image logo

In this update we made it possible to set an image as your website’s main logo, in addition to regular typographic titles. Now your site will better reflect your photography brand and will be immediately recognized by your customers. To upload your website logo, go to Profile > Settings > Website. Available in Ultimate.

Custom image logo on Defrozo portfolio website


This is probably one of the most frequently requested features and it’s finally implemented in every available plan. Thus, the free account enables you to add text watermarks to your images, while the Ultimate users have an extra option to watermark their works with images. To set up watermarks, go to  Profile > Settings  > Watermarks.

Custom watermarks in Defrozo

Visual content editor

Defrozo now features a completely new WYSIWYG editor for content pages and blog. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the easy of use and smooth performance of this new editor. Available in both Free and Ultimate subscription plans.

Visual content editor in Defrozo

Auto share to Facebook

This feature is going to save you some time by automatically sharing your new blog posts and gallery pages to Facebook. You can connect your Facebook profile and mark the types of content you’d like to be auto shared in your Profile Settings > Social > Autoshare.

Auto share to Facebook in Defrozo

This is just the first version of this functionality with more social networks to be added to the list in the following updates.

Available in Ultimate.

Media library update

The uploading mechanism has been revised and upgraded for smooth and fast upload process. We’ve also set up filters to sift out files with incorrect format.

Improved cross-device display

In this update we revised and optimized grid, footer, and menu elements in every single photo portfolio theme to be displayed correctly on any device.


Faster custom domain setup

From now on, a support officer can update your chosen domain name within 15 minutes after the A-record was successfully changed by the hosting provider.

New pre-order campaign

While our Kickstarter program is over, we thought many of you would still love to use an early-bird offer and secure a premium account with Defrozo at a fraction of the price. Therefore, we activated a new pre-order campaign which will be available till the platform’s full-featured version release. It’s doesn’t offer as many packages as the previous campaign, but it’s still the best possible way to get private access to our Ultimate plan as it is developed and lock in the ridiculously low pricing for 1 year after the release.

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Last word

We realize that we’ve been keeping silence longer than we should, sorry for that. In order to keep you on top of the development process, we decided to post short blog post every week reporting our current activities and plans.

This update took a while to be implemented and we hope it will considerable improve your experience with Defrozo. Please share your thoughts with us – what do you think about the new features and which ones would you like us to do next?

Last but not least, our Portfolio Contest  continues and we can’t wait to give away our awesome prize bundles to the four winners. Send us your Defrozo websites via any social network or email the link at

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