Defrozo Update: New Responsive Photo Themes

We’re excited to announce a major update of the Defrozo photography marketing platform. Lots of things have been done to make Defrozo work faster and better for your photography brand. What did we do exactly? Read the full post to find it out!

Introducing Fresh Responsive Photo Themes

This update features as many as 2 new photo portfolio themes which are available exclusively for our backers.

Delicious  Defrozo TemplateMonster theme

Designed by our new partner TemplateMonster, Delicious is a minimalist website theme with a focus on large-size images. Its major features include a full-screen slider, new album page layout that showcases a good portion of photos within each album, and a single-column image gallery. The latter, by the way, came as a result of a popular user request. 3 Destiny

Meet the Kickstarter Edition Theme we announced during our campaign on Kickstarter. Just as the previous web template, Destiny only becomes available in the Ultimate plan, which you can pre-order now for as low as $50 or less. Defrozo Kickstarter edition theme With a new slider type (image stripe that moves upon a mouse hover) and 3-column asymmetric grid layout, this theme will be an elegant, modern podium for your portfolio.

More versatility in client photo galleries

Your experience with building personalized galleries for clients is going to become more fluent with the following updates we’ve implemented in this section:

  • Full customization. Up until now, client gallery editing was pretty much limited to changing the gallery’s title and changing image order. With the latest Defrozo update you get the full range of customization options for client albums as seen in the Website Management section.


  • Bulk rotation for images. Forget about annoying one-by-one operations and rotate all of your images at once. Added due to popular demand.

  • Password protection. Yes, this so-often-requested feature has finally been added to the Defrozo client galleries. However, it will only be available for the Premium users, so make sure you hop on the early-bird boat before it’s not too late.


  • Easier downloading. Instead of the cumbersome and long gallery download mechanism, you can now deliver your photos via a quickly generated zip archive. All backers can already enjoy this feature as it’s available in the Ultimate subscription.

Improved website editor

The Website Management module has undergone a major overhaul too with a more convenient and quick editing process coming as the result. Here is what’s been done: 18

  • Password-protected pages. Now, you can lock certain pages of your website to enable private discussions and content delivery. Available in Defrozo Ultimate.
  • Custom domain name. One of the most long-awaited features, for sure. At last, you can bind your Defrozo photo portfolio to your own domain, as long as you’re the Ultimate plan subscriber.
  • More social profiles. Add your Instagram, Pinterest, and 500px accounts to your website for everyone to follow.
  • Improved website performance. Due to smart image compression and implementation of the mobile thumbnail mechanism, your photo website now works significantly faster on any device.
  • Edit design and content on one page. You needed, we did it. Now, edit your web page’s design and content elements on a single page, quickly switching between the tabs Content & Design instead of visiting separate pages.

Refreshed Defrozo website


As you’ve probably noticed, we redesigned the Defrozo main website so that it would better speak of our platform and its benefits for the users. On the newly added page, you can find the full list of Defrozo reviews and helpful articles mentioning our platform that have been published on some well-known photography blogs and magazines. 12

If you’re a photography reporter or would like to write about Defrozo on your cool photography blog, you will find handy PR info, logos and screenshots on our Media Kit page.

Be the first to use new features!


This update was big, the next ones will be bigger as we’re moving towards a serious goal of shipping the full-featured Defrozo in the mid-Fall 2015. If you want to become a contributor and provide your feedback on the new features (including premium ones!) before we make them publicly available, back Defrozo today and pre-order the Ultimate plan with a whopping 95% off.

Thank you for your support!

We’re extremely grateful to all our backers – seeing more and more people joining our effort is incredible.