Defrozo special offer Our Kickstarter campaign is over, but rather than falling into melancholy about not hitting the funding goal, we choose to move forward and have some terrific news for you. Click to view the details!

Kickstarter rewards are still available! (for limited time)

As a limited-time offer, we’re extending our crowdfunding campaign with all the rewards remaining the same as on Kickstarter. From May 1 to May 31, make a pledge at any level starting from $15 on the Defrozo website and you’ll receive an appropriate reward pack in full. For this offer, the $1 and $5 pledge levels are waived. However, Kickstarter backers of these levels will still receive their rewards for free. Just be sure to let us know your Kickstarter username and links to your social networks accounts so that we could send you a shoutout and share images on Instagram with you.

Why we canceled the project on Kickstarter

As you might have noticed, the status of our project on Kickstarter is “canceled”. We chose this option vs simply letting it go because if it ends naturally, there will be a note “funding unsuccessful” next to the project’s name. And you know what? We don’t think that our funding failed. Quite the opposite – we believe that 180 backers, over 1 100 new users, and partnerships with TemplateMonster and Depositphotos are more than a successful result. Maybe we didn’t hit the financial goal, but Defrozo was definitely CROWDfunded.

Let’s keep growing!

Kickstarter once again proved that Defrozo has a great future ahead. We’re focused on our goal to release the full-featured platform in October 2015, and as long as you guys help us by providing your feedback, we’re able to achieve it. Thank You Defrozo Kickstarter backers Thank you again for all the support on Kickstarter and beyond! We look forward to meeting all the awesome photographers, artists, and creatives while developing Defrozo and create a truly great product together.