Depositphotos partners with Defrozo

Yes, you read it right! Following TemplateMonster, a famous stock photo agency Depositphotos has just became our partner making us closer to getting funded on Kickstarter. The details are exciting so read on!

Sell more photos with Defrozo and Depositphotos!

By making a pledge of $5 000, Depositphotos has become our Integrated Partner which means that we’ll be developing some exciting tools for the users of both platforms together.

We have yet to discuss all the particulars, but our global plan supposes integrating our platforms on the API level.

Here are just some of the things our synergy with Depositphotos will eventually allow you to do:

  • upload photos for sale from Defrozo library to Depositphotos account in one click
  • promote your Depositphotos stock files on your customizable, mobile-friendly Defrozo website
  • manage your stock licensing workflow via the Defrozo admin panel
  • monitor your Depositphotos sales stats right in your Defrozo account

As I already mentioned, these are just rough plans requiring further development, but in any case, this partnership is a big win for the photography community and we can’t wait to start working on the integration.

Share your ideas with us!

Do you have a suggestion on how we could connect our tools with Depositphotos for the max effect? Let us know in the comments here or on Kickstarter!