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Portfolio website

No website?

Poorly displayed on tablets

It costs too much

No domain name

Low download speed for cells

It's hard to add photos

Difficult to create a website

Poor website

  • Responsive web design
  • Social integration
  • Custom domain name
  • Search engine optimization
  • Drag&drop portfolio builder
  • Friendly support

Media library

Can’t work out of office

Large size of photos

Sorting only by folders

Hard drive failure - no photos

New uploding for every purpose

No hard drive space available

  • Multisorting
  • Secure cloud storage
  • Access anywhere
  • Import from Google drive and DropBox
  • 5 Gb of free space
  • Quick collections

Image delivery

Difficult process

How to send plenty of photos?

Hard to work remotely

How to sell more images?

Need to print samples

  • Create gallery in one click
  • Easy proofing from anywhere
  • User-friendly gallery builder
  • Hi-res file download
  • Collaborative proofing
  • Beautiful, mobile-ready design

CRM system

No returning clients

Mess with the clients

Non-structured information

No payment information

No stable sales funnels

  • Smart client database
  • Е-mail & social marketing tools
  • Access from anywhere
  • Automated notifications
  • Billing & accounting
  • User-friendly interface

Scheduling & workflow

Devil in the details.

Forget to call your client - money lost

Hard to keep in mind everything

You forgot about client’s B-day

Too many no-shows

  • Sync with Google
  • Hourly reservation
  • Appointment booking & scheduling
  • Drag&drop task management
  • E-mail confirmations & reminders
  • Mark appointments as public

Online store

Need more sources of income

Want to earn more

How to sell online?

Complicated ecommerce software

High commission on marketplaces

Low print sales

  • Print sales made easy
  • Sell everything
  • Easy to manage
  • Vendor database
  • Your branding
  • Easy payment solutions

Websites for clients

Difficult to find new clients

Need ideas on how to book more clients

Got lost in the crowd

Don't know how to impress brides

  • Beautiful themes
  • Build galleries in no time
  • User-friendly admin interface
  • Responsive web design
  • Social integration
  • 24/7 tech support

Help us make Defrozo awesome

We're about to launch Defrozo and your feedback is all we need to polish things up and get started. Use the form below to share your needs, ideas, and criticism with us. Let's make Defrozo awesome together!

  • John Smith

    Very nice site!

  • Demetrio Fortman

    Thank you!

  • Russell Kling

    Does someone have a launch date on this?

  • Demetrio Fortman

    Beta was launched on 16th of July. First update was made today, adding client galleries and 2 new themes. Next update is planned to release in about 2 weeks. Join our Defrozo community and sign up for free!

  • hadak

    I’d like to be able to host my own. Is that an option?

  • Demetrio Fortman

    Not yet, but we do think about it. Photographers in our focus group also mentioned this case. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Valter Van D

    I don’t see a contact us thing so I just wanted to let you guys here at Defrozo know that I just found you all and signed up today, got the confirmation emails and clicked them, even clicked the “delete test site” link, and when I try to administer my page I get a blank page, I even let it sit for 10 minutes even though nothing was “loading” just to see if it was me, nope still blank, I have a screen shot if you have an email I can send it too.

  • Jen Hammer

    This sounds fantastic! I signed up but I didn’t receive the confirmation email. So now when I login it gives me an error.
    “Not Found
    The requested URL /signin/ was not found on this server.”

  • Jen Hammer

    I haven’t found a way to Resend Confirmation Email.

  • Demetrio Fortman

    Dear Jen, thanks for getting in touch. Can you please send an email to and guys will solve all the issues! Thanks!

  • Demetrio Fortman

    Dear Valter, please drop a line on, thanks!

  • mafiakiller9

    even tho this is still in beta when will i be able to change my background


    Very interesting. Would only use this if I could host myself.

  • AlanC

    Welcome to the fray! I once wrote an open letter to people looking to develop a unified website/image hosting/sales platform. That appears to be a futile thought because your group of competitors is targeting hosting and sales as a link from a primary site. That’s Ok – I’ve been able to adapt and will revamp my 90′s-looking homepage soon to get as close to integration as I can without hiring high-dollar custom people.

    Found you mentioned on PetaPixel en route to looking for suppliers of persistent smartphone albums. I currently use a competitor, but one without persistent albums; theirs require connectivity and persistent albums aren’t apparently close enough to the top of their to-do list. The $20/month guy is too expensive for me given that my current hosting & sales provider has a great-looking responsive desktop and mobile UI and I’d only use the $20/month guy for the portable albums. The $10/month guy is promising, but wastes phone screen real estate with large borders on thumbnails, and isn’t quite as polished. The ability to preface albums with text paragraphs would be a nice thing, as well. I have to do the text at my site and link to just the images now; a pain, but it’s what we have to work with in the current disjointed state of affairs.

    I poked around more on your site after starting this list and it appears that you’re thinking in the right direction. Here, nonetheless, are some of the things that at least I consider important in a solution that would become my primary online presence. Most of this may not fit your business model, but the first outfit to bring this successfully to market for us small-to-medium-sized players should score big. Your copy makes it look like you’re shooting for the moon by integrating scheduling and CRM, so maybe this won’t sound too far-fetched to you…

    I’d prefer one provider with the best of both worlds, of course:

    - Full hosting and sales, monthly fees starting in the $10-15 area, price tiered by images or size

    - Mobile persistent albums

    - Modern, responsive UI that actually works in a straightforward, professional way on mobiles, without borders and buttons wasting space and cluttering the view

    - Ability to add free text pages for more than a sales gallery appearance. Blog-style, I suppose you’d call it, for articles and non-photographic sections with photos for illustration but not as their ficus. This part might be at extra monthly cost but would sure be a marketplace differentiator because that doesn’t exist except in the full custom development world as far as I can find. Thousands up front and 20-30% a year in maintenance is a total non-starter for one man shows and mid-size players.

    - Sections within albums

    - Ability to update one section at a time

    - Customer pricing by album

    - Duplicatable and modifyable price lists

    - Fulfillment flexibility including self-fulfillment

    - customer-operated cropping frames, even for self-fulfillment

    - Print packages

    - Collage “containers” that allow multiple image selection

    - Full capabilities for all price tiers

    - No time limits on album hosting duration

    - Image download (single/group/all), either paid using a code or free for all

    - Password protection

    - Ability to limit maximum image display size in pixels

    - Ability to prevent pixel up-resing (and accompanying image quality destruction) for a hosted image smaller than the maximum display dimensions

    - Customer ability to mark individual image(s) for hiding

    - Option for buying mobile persistent albums only

    - Sort ability by at least filename, upload time, custom order

    - Hosted image view in control panel by just file list with complete filename and other metadata, switchable thumbnail inclusion, simple reordering

    - Etcetera

    Please excuse the long list – and these are just the ones that come to mind right away – but I’ve used most of the available sales options in the past several decades, from the 18% commission sports photography fulfillment guys to the very capable, very dated, now-defunct, host-it-yourself eosTemplate (old-timers might remember this – I still have some images up using it) and I know what works and doesn’t. $300/year to start doesn’t work for most of your target market. Nineties-looking interfaces don’t either, nor does assuming that we want to share-share-share without selling. I’m sure you’ve researched all the competitors and seen the ones who shoot themselves in the feet in several of these ways, and the PetaPixel write-up covered a lot of them. I hope you’re one or more people who are business-oriented photographers in addition to developers – it looks that way.

    Oh – Check your Christopher & Jennifer demo. It often loads just random image bar segments on both IE and Chrome, and you need more than a single full-size image.

    All the Best.


  • Demetrio Fortman

    Hey Alan,

    I can’t express how happy we were to receive your comment. Thank you so much for taking time and sharing your vision of the product with us.

    You may be pleased to know that we’re already working on giving some legs to a good few of your ideas. And we’re not afraid of bold solutions ’cause we all here believe that if you don’t have a goal to rock the market with your product, then you shouldn’t even start. Besides, making such a product affordable for solo and mid-sized businesses is among our primary goals too as we actually belong to this group of photog’s.

    Thanks again for all your ideas and suggestions, many of them have already moved to our whiteboard, but prior to this, they moved to our minds.


    Demetrio Fortman and the Defrozo Team

  • Shani Cohen


    When the CRM system will be availbale for use?

  • JustJash

    do you have any online examples of the online store? which print lab is this service affiliated with?

  • Demetrio Fortman

    These features are in work by now. At this moment Defrozo beta has website (3 themes, customization and page management), media library and client galleries sections.

  • John Smith


  • John Smith

    this is really frustrating, first the sign in with FF is not straightforward, it makes u open another acct. second , i cant get any info about all the great feature here, ive seen this before, just enough to get u to sign up but not any more than that.not good tactic. also, the sample web sites dont seem to fully work athough that may be a problem reading/rendering them properly

  • Nick Dawes

    Can you have your client select their picks and then view them as the site admin – for self fulfillment?

  • CA

    1)Hosting on Amazon Cloud s2 with redundancy
    2)How about
    allowing members to use Amazon unlimited Storage ( with Prime) then link
    their raw photos that are stored there to Defrozo webstore once up–to the Jpegs on webstore for selling
    3)Please dont go the route of others and charge for RAW storage-see above option
    4)Full upload and download of photos with no compression – ever
    5)Webstore or service that allows no cropping of prints for customers–like FAA–but with better templates
    6)Make you money by advertising if possible and keep it free or low cost
    multiyear agreements from cloud storage providers on pricing with legal
    ease to recoup expenses if their sites ever go down or become
    As to # 7 require maximum encryption for user information
    Easy to select which countries or places in the world where you want
    your sales to occur and not occur and selective search engine selection.
    10) On the fly watermarking for one pic or albums